Results of the project "Change" 8-18-Dec 23 in Norway

Launch of Start-ups: Following the completion of the project, several of our participants have taken the initiative to start their own businesses. For instance, a participant from Turkey has launched a sustainable fashion label that produces ethically sourced clothing and advocates for environmental conservation. Another participant that already has an IT start-up that develops innovative solutions found a new employee through the erasmus plus project.

Another female participant is more inspired than ever to develop her own app. She got good tips from other participants and was able to find good approaches for the concept development of her app.

Establishment of Support Networks: Another outcome of our project is the creation of local support networks for aspiring entrepreneurs. Participants have collaborated with local businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies to establish partnerships aimed at providing resources, mentoring, and funding opportunities. These networks serve as vital hubs for young individuals looking to venture into entrepreneurship, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experiences within the local entrepreneurial community.


Our participants have shared their experiences with peers in various forums and events. Some have organized workshops in their own schools or universities to disseminate their insights on entrepreneurship and employment opportunities. Others have participated in local events and shared their experiences in panel discussions or presentations to raise awareness about the importance of entrepreneurship and self-employment.

Uniting Against Hate and Discrimination: Building a Network for Change

Peer Workshops: Several participants organized workshops within their own schools, universities, or community groups to share their insights and experiences gained from the project. These workshops focused on topics such as hate speech, discrimination, and social exclusion, aiming to raise awareness and promote dialogue among their peers.


Work & University: Some participants utilized their work environment to share their project. They shared their experiences with ther commilitions and colleagues, addressed the issues we still have such as discrimination, hate speeches, and the impact they hope to achieve in their envrionment. By sharing their journey with them, they were able to engage with peers both within and outside our organization.

Results of the project "Life Story" 20. Nov-7 Dec 23 in Norway

By Evin Acar

During our project "Life Story" from 29 Nov-7 Dec. in Norway we have forged an inspiring network of advocates, comprising passionate youth, dedicated educators, and conscientious community leaders. This collective serves as a driving force in combating hate speech and discrimination within our communities.

With the role plays, each participant played the role of someone from a different cultural background and embodied the discrimination they have experienced. Through this role play, they were able to put themselves in the other person's shoes and thus show empathy and understanding. The participants found it helpful and want to integrate it as a workshop in their countries.

Through intensive training, our advocates are now equipped to lead impactful workshops and activities that raise awareness and effect positive change. They act as ambassadors of change, addressing sensitive issues and fostering spaces for dialogue and empathy.

With their dedication, we are able to address prejudice and injustice head-on while promoting a culture of respect and inclusion. Their commitment is pivotal in fostering a cohesive community that champions diversity and equality.

An Unforgettable Adventure in Hamar, Norway: My Erasmus+ Experience at the project "Life Story"

By Sieshan Shahid

When I enrolled in the Erasmus program between 29 Nov- 7 Dec 23 in Hamar, Norway, I could never have imagined how profoundly this experience would impact my life. In the picturesque town of Hamar, surrounded by Norway’s majestic nature, I found not only a new educational environment but also a source of endless inspiration.


Every day brought new encounters with people from all over the world and the opportunity to learn about their diverse backgrounds. These interactions not only broadened my horizon but also sharpened my understanding of human rights and cultural diversity. It was fascinating to hear so many different perspectives while discovering our shared values.


A highlight of my stay was the intercultural evening, where students from various countries presented their cultures. This evening was especially warm-hearted, and I was fortunate to experience it with some of the best companions from Germany. Their openness and friendliness made the evening an unforgettable experience. I learned not just about other cultures but also about the warmth and sense of community that unites us all.

I´m incredibly grateful for the experiences I gathered in Hamar. They have not only provided me with new knowledge and skills but also profoundly shaped my self-understanding and worldview. A heartfelt thanks goes to everyone who was part of this wonderful journey. I will always carry these memories in my heart.

"Harmony in Hamar: A Journey Through Human Rights and Cultural Connections"

By Alexander Klein

Meeting new people from different backgrounds, learning new things about human rights, all while experiencing the breathtaking Norwegian nature—this was my unforgettable experience in Norway. From November 29 to December 7, 2023, in Hamar, I cherished every second of this one-of-a-kind journey.

Throughout the project, I not only learned about human rights but also discovered new aspects of myself, broadening my horizon. The Turkish cultural evening was particularly memorable, igniting my interest in visiting the country. Overall, it was a very enriching time, and I want to express my gratitude to everyone involved :))"


Harmony in Diversity: Unforgettable Moments from our “Life Story” Project in Norway

By Ali Haydar Yalcin

In this captivating snapshot, our multicultural, randomly assembled groups are immersed in preparing a get-to-know-you icebreaking game at the first day of our Human Rights-themed project in Hamar, Norway, from November 29 to December 7, 2023. People engage in meaningful communication and share moments of joy, transcending ethnic origin, gender, geographical background, age, and more. This essence of cohesion, unity, freedom, and mutual acceptance permeates the entire experience.

Throughout this transformative project, set against the backdrop of Hamar's scenic beauty, I experienced a kaleidoscope of emotions, delved into diverse cultures, and forged meaningful connections with fellow participants. Each individual contributed a unique perspective, enriching the project and ensuring it became an indelible chapter in our collective journey. Every person present played a crucial role in fostering an environment where everyone takes home precisely the same impactful experiences and lessons.

Norway Unveiled: A Transformative Journey into Human Rights and Nordic Wonders

By Anderson Ferreira Lima

My transformative journey to Norway as part of an international youth exchange program from November 29 to December 7, 2023, focused on human rights, was an unforgettable experience. The breathtaking landscapes, with majestic fjords and towering mountains, were like something from a fairy tale.

It wasn’t just the natural beauty that captivated me, but also the culture and the people. The warm hospitality of the Norwegians and their deep respect for the environment were truly inspiring. Participating in local cultural events allowed me to immerse myself in Norwegian cuisine, music, and traditions, enriching my understanding of this beautiful country.

Norway taught me to appreciate the simple things in life, enjoy moments of tranquility, and understand the importance of a sustainable lifestyle. This trip was not only one of the most enriching experiences of my life but also a journey that has changed my perspective on the world.

Exploring human rights in Hamar, Norway, during this period, added another layer of significance to my experience. Engaging in discussions and workshops broadened my understanding of global human rights issues, making this journey not just about personal growth but also contributing to a larger discourse on fundamental rights.

I am immensely grateful for every moment I spent in Norway, and I look forward to the day I can return to this wonderful country.


"Harmony of Cultures: Exploring Human Rights in Hamar, Norway"

By Esra Eda Sahin

During my participation in an international Human Rights project “Life Story” in Hamar/Norway, the focus on cultural diversity was profound.

Collaborating with individuals from different countries brought forth a wealth of perspectives and ideas, turning our efforts towards human rights into a powerful and enriching exchange.                        


In addition to the substantive aspects, we had a blast in Gasbu, a haven of nature. The Cultural Nights provided a delightful platform to learn about Turkiye, Lithuania, and Norway, adding a fun dimension to our experience. The second picture captures our work in multicultural groups during the project, showcasing our engagement in learning about diverse cultures.

"Cultural Confluence: Exploring Human Rights Perspectives in Norway - An Erasmus+ Journey"

By Ghanshyam Babariya

I had a fantastic experience during the Erasmus+ project “Life Story” in Norway where four different countries came together to share their cultures and histories. The project focused on human rights, and participants shared their personal experiences and perspectives based on their religion or region. It was an enriching experience to witness diverse viewpoints on the same topic and see the world in a different light.

"Harmony in Diversity: A Human Rights Odyssey in Hamar/Gasbu, Norway"

By Usama Rauf

It was an immense and completely different experience to be with a diverse group of people. They not only hailed from different cultures, countries, and perspectives on nature but also varied significantly in age and their passionate commitment to human rights which was also our topic of the project “Life Story” in Hamar/Gasbu, Norway. Despite my familiarity with Turkish culture, this was an utterly breathtaking experience for me. Many elements mirrored my home country's culture, evoking a strong sense of nostalgia. The participants' fervor made the entire event even more captivating. Moreover, the Norwegian weather and the location were the cherries on top of the

"Bridging Cultures, Building Rights: A Reflection on My Erasmus+ Experience in Hamar"

I´m writing to share my impactful experience as a German participant in the Erasmus+ project "Life Story" in Hamar, Norway, held from November 29 to December 7, 2023.

The project, centered around human rights, provided a dynamic platform for cultural exchange and mutual learning in the breathtaking Norwegian setting. Through workshops and discussions, participants gained insights into global human rights issues, fostering empathy and understanding against the backdrop of Hamar's natural beauty.

The project’s strength lay in creating an open space for dialogue, breaking down stereotypes, and promoting lasting connections among participants. Personally, this experience has broadened my worldview, instilling a commitment to championing human rights.

I believe the skills gained will positively contribute to the broader discourse on human rights. Thank you for the opportunity.


A Human Rights Journey: Erasmus+ Project with Lafien Jugend in Norway

By Helîn Acar

For 2 weeks ago, I had the incredible privilege of participating in an Erasmus+ project in Norway with a focus on human rights. Together with dedicated young individuals from Norway, Turkey, Lithuania, and Germany, we immersed ourselves in a week of workshops, collaboratively seeking solutions to better implement human rights.

The collaboration in the workshops was not only educational but also incredibly enjoyable. It felt like we were one big family working together on a significant mission. The teachers accompanying their students contributed to creating a supportive and inspiring atmosphere.


The snow-covered landscape of Norway added the perfect touch. The breathtaking nature, enthusiastic young participants, and teachers as attentive companions made this experience truly unique. We not only had a great time but also learned a lot about the importance and implementation of human rights.

This Erasmus+ project will be remembered in my mind as a week filled with fun, inspiration, and interpersonal connection. It not only expanded our perspectives but also demonstrated the importance of working together for better human rights implementation.


From Games to Shark Tank at "Change": Unleashing Creativity in Norway 

By Jule Toprak


The question is, what I have learned between 08 December - 18 December during the project "change" in Hamar/Gasbu, Norway and the answer is so simple and so nice:
That there are a lot of good people in this world. I loved the passion and creativity from each of them when it came to the games, the dances and the tasks like Shark Tank. Personally I learned how create a movie on the cellphone with an

application. That was very interesting for me, since I haven´t done that before. Together, we not only developed innovative approaches but also strengthened our entrepreneurial skills.
I would definitely come back to Norway or participate in another project and I highly recommand it to others who want to 

travel around Europe, meet new people and develop their experiences. 

Projekt "Change": Eine Reise der Freundschaft, kulturellen Entdeckungen und unternehmerischen Abenteuer in Norwegen

Von Polina Schmal


Das Projekt “Change”, das im Dez 2023 in Gasbu in der Nähe von Hamar, Norwegen stattgefunden hat, hat es mir ermöglicht, viele neue tolle Menschen kennenzulernen. Ich konnte viele neue Freundschaften schließen und mich zudem durch den interkulturellen Austausch weiterbilden. Durch die Kulturabende der unterschiedlichen Länder erfuhr ich viel Neues über die jeweiligen Kulturen und Nationen, wodurch ich jetzt ein besseres Verständnis dieser habe. Die Workshops zu dem Thema Entrepreneurship haben viel Spaß gemacht. 


Die Location war außerdem wunderschön und ich bin dankbar dort gewesen sein zu dürfen. 

Zusammenfassend würde ich diese 10 Tage als eine hervorragende Opportunität bewerten, um sich persönlich weiterzubilden und durch die vielen Aktivitäten den jeweiligen Horizont zu erweitern und einfach Spaß zu haben. 

Entrepreneurial Horizons: A Journey of Discovery in Gasbu, Norway with Lafien Jugend e.V.

By Iva Doycheva


I want to share my wonderful experience at the Erasmus Plus project "Change" in Gausbu, Norway. Communicating with the organizers before the project was easy, and they were accommodating about my arrival, which set a positive tone. Throughout the project, I discovered a lot about myself, forged connections with amazing people, found inspiration, and even had the incredible opportunity to witness the mesmerizing Northern Lights.

It wasn't just about learning; it was a transformative journey where I gained insights into my own capabilities and formed lasting connections with individuals from diverse backgrounds. The scenic beauty of Norway, coupled with the warmth of the local community, made this venture an unforgettable chapter in my personal and professional growth. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been part of such an enriching project that went beyond education, leaving me with cherished memories and newfound perspectives.

Exploring Entrepreneurship: A Collaborative Journey in Gasbu, Norway

By Sosan Hasso

In the picturesque landscapes of Norway, an Erasmus+ project unfolded, bringing together vibrant and creative minds from five different countries. Focused on entrepreneurship, the participants embarked on a unique experience of pitching ideas and crafting business models using the renowned Business Model Canvas.

The project was not just about business; it was a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and innovation. Young individuals, each with their own unique perspective, collaborated seamlessly to create, refine, and present their entrepreneurial visions. The scenic backdrop of Norway's majestic nature added an extra layer of inspiration to the creative process.

Beyond the entrepreneurial endeavors, the participants enjoyed a plethora of activities, immersing themselves in the breathtaking Norwegian landscape. From exploring the serene beauty of the forest to engaging in team-building adventures, every moment was an opportunity for growth and connection.

Adding a delicious touch to the experience was a skilled chef who crafted three delightful meals daily, enhancing the sense of community and camaraderie among the participants.

This Erasmus+ project wasn't just a workshop; it was a transformative journey that blended entrepreneurship, cultural exchange, and the joy of exploration. As the participants departed, they carried not only newfound entrepreneurial skills but also cherished memories of a collaborative adventure in the heart of Norway.